Top 5 Ways to Make Your Website Layout Stand Out

website layout

website layout

With cut-throat online competition businesses face today, customers have high expectations. A website that’s user-friendly can be a game-changer for your bottom line.

Here are 5 ways to make sure your website stands out from the crowd.

1) Adjust Your Navigation Titles

A current trend in website navigation pages is giving them unique titles. For example, if you are an online business offering vendor-based classes, try calling the education page on your website ‘learn’ instead of ‘classes’. This way users will understand your company’s value proposition in just one word.

2) Craft Unique Content

It’s easier said than done; but coming up with ideas and taking up stances that resonate with your intended audience will transform your business. Content that’s meaningful and can’t be found anywhere else will give your potential customers the impression that you are someone who has ample experience in the industry.

Pro Tip: Be socially responsible with your content. Include supporting information to build credibility and encourage engagement.

3) Add Short Relevant Videos

Include a brief introduction video about your line of business and what makes you better than your competitors. People would rather watch a 2-minute video on a topic than read 2–3 paragraphs on it.

For example, a short stop-motion video on your homepage will get people’s attention; make the content likeable and add personality to your brand.

4) Keep Content Fresh

One of the best ways to maintain interest when potential customers first visit your website is to keep the homepage content current and updated.

Your official website is the place to highlight your most recent work, showcasing your capabilities and problem-solving skills. Do not clutter it with irrelevant information or pieces.

5) Show Users It’s About THEM

Your website should be about your clients and customers. Clearly communicate the values of the services you offer and how it will help them. You’re not just in the business of selling; you’re in the business of creating solutions.

You can use case studies, examples and success stories of how you’ve helped clients solve their problems in the past.

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