Keep Your Website Safe From Hackers


Why Is It Important?

As a website owner, your clients trust you with their personal information. That information could include: names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and credit card information. With all that information at your disposal, there are those out there that will try and steal that information. With proper website security guidelines in place, your website remains a safe and secure place for your clients to interact with your business.


    What Can Bluesoft Do?

    Bluesoft employees are trained in the highest measures of website security. We set barricades in place on your website so that your information remains safe and secure. We encrypt your site with SSL encryption software so that your customers are always secure when checking out on your site. Bluesoft also integrates custom firewall software on your site to prevent comment spamming, fake user profiles and data breaches.


      Hidden Login Page
      We hide your login page to eliminate any attempts of unauthorized access on your website.
      CAPTCHA Forms
      We include CAPTCHA codes on all forms throughout your site to ensure that anyone interacting with your site is human.
      2-Factor Authentication
      We provide additional security measures so that users aren’t needlessly creating duplicate accounts on your site.
      Firewall Implementation
      We install high-end firewall software on the hosting level, site level and database level to eliminate threats of data breaches and unauthorized content alterations.
      Spam Filtering
      Along side the firewall security, we integrate spam filtering to eliminate spam comments on articles and content pages throughout your site.
      User Roles
      We give you the tools to delegate user roles for different profiles throughout your site so that you can manipulate how much control a user has on your site.