Why do you call yourself an “all-in-one web design company”?

We gave ourselves that title because we take your project beyond just creating your site. Most web design companies will create your site, hand it off to you and expect you to know what to do next. And if you do know what to do next, you need to go and find a different for all the things you need to do with your site (one for SEO & Marketing, one for hosting, one for maintenance, etc.) Bluesoft Design takes care of absolutely everything that has to do with your website so there is no need to searching for & coordinating with a bunch of different companies.

What’s the difference between you and other web design companies?

Although there are tons of differences between us and other firms, here are just a few main highlights:

  1. Certified experts. Our team of specialists are experts in every area we service. Bluesoft Design is a certified Shopify expert and certified Google Ad partner.
  2. Dedicated account assistance. When you get your project done with Bluesoft Design, there’s no run-around. You get an assigned dedicated account assistant who knows your project inside and out. You will have direct contact with your account assistant for anything regarding your project whenever you need it.
  3. Payments are flexible. We know that paying for a large-scale project can be difficult at times. That’s why we offer clients payment plans. Upon approval, you have the option of paying your project balance off over up to 10 months! That way, you get your project done without the burden.

These are just some of the many things that make Bluesoft Design so unique.

Why should I hire you? Can’t I just create a website myself?

The truth is, yes. With website builders like Wix and GoDaddy’s development tools, its easy enough now where anyone can go ahead and build their own website. The problem is that when you choose to do your website yourself you miss out on a few important things.

  1. The time it takes to set up even a simple presentable site can take hours upon hours of time.
  2. If you bump into any problems while creating the site, you have no one to turn to to ask for help
  3. You miss out on the design expertise that a web designer has to offer. We take into account tons of variables when creating your design.
  4. You’re limited to what the website builders allow you to. We know how to write code from scratch and can write in additional code to expand the capabilities of a standard site.

For a more detailed look on what the benefits are of hiring a web developer, take a look at this article.

Do you work with clients outside of New Jersey?

Yes! We can work with anyone in the U.S.

Do we need to meet in person to work on a project together?

Nope! Depending on the depth of a project & if you are located in New Jersey, we can set up an in-person meeting and discuss details of the project. For everyone outside of New Jersey, we can coordinate the project by phone, email or video chat.

Will a website redesign interfere with my existing site?

Nope! We actually create a development space on our server for your website. That way, we have full creative freedom over site and it won’t interfere with your existing site until we’re ready to copy the final product over.

What am I responsible for when doing a project with you?

We try and keep your responsibilities as minimal as possible so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business. Typically, when we create a site, we like to ask for two websites whose designs appeal to you for us to draw inspiration from for your project. Also, if you are building an online store, we need you to provide a sheet of product information as well as product pictures. Beyond that, all we require is your feedback on the design of your site. Everything from then on is optional since we can provide everything else from pictures to graphics to written content for the site.

What platforms do you use for building websites?

Depending on the type of site you need, we either build your website using WordPress or Shopify. Both of these platforms are the biggest web development platforms in the world. We use them because they give us creative freedom to customize the site as needed and they give an everyday user a user friendly and easy to navigate back-end with no coding experience necessary. Shopify is used for e-commerce stores while WordPress is for informational sites. There are times, however, where we make an exception and build e-commerce stores using WordPress since it allows for higher levels of customization.

Do you offer any services once my website is finished?

Absolutely. Once your project is completed, we offer tons of services beyond the sites creation. We can take care of hosting your site, handling your SEO, up-keeping your site and marketing it. That is what makes us an all-in-one web design agency.

Why should I host my site with you?

You get a ton of benefits when you host your website with us:

  1. Our server is specifically optimized to host WordPress websites so your site gets faster load time as opposed to hosting with another company.
  2. You get daily backups of your site so you’ll never lose any of your data.
  3. You get a free SSL certificate on your site which encrypts any user-submitted information on your site.
  4. Hosting with us gets you an added level of site security to avoid any spam or website attacks.
  5. You get monthly website updates so your site is always up to date.
  6. You get Bluesoft’s Website Assurance. This ensures that your site is always up and running. If your site is down for any reason, we’ll make sure its up and running again in no time.

*Bluesoft Design hosting plans are only applicable to WordPress sites because Shopify only allows you to host on their server. Shopify, however, provides a free annual SSL certificate as well in addition to server security. Shopify also makes sure your site is always in good health.

I want to host my new website myself. How do I accept it from you?

We actually go ahead and move your new website over for you. In order to host it yourself, you need to have a hosting account with a company like goDaddy or Hostgator. Once you have that, we go in and make the necessary arrangements so that your website is up & running and completely under your ownership.

How will I know how to operate my website once its finished?

Once your site is finished, we provide you with a step-by-step walk through on how to navigate your site. We’ll show you how to manage the sections of the site that you have control over for the day-to-day site operations via screen-share. We also offer video instructions that you can reference if you forget how to operate your site.

Do you offer any services once my website is finished?

Absolutely. Once your project is completed, we offer tons of services beyond the sites creation. We can take care of hosting your site, handling your SEO, up-keeping your site and marketing it. That is what makes us an all-in-one web design agency.



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