To Rebuild Or Revise My Website: That Is The Question


websiteChoosing whether to update your website or rehaul and rebuild the entire site can seem like a daunting task. With every new tech update, mobile-friendly feature, and marketing shift, it can feel impossible to keep up. However, your website might just need a few tweaks here and there.

If you want to change your website, here are some questions to ask yourself before you revise or rebuild.

Is it mobile-friendly?

This is one of the primary factors that can trigger a website overhaul. As more and more people across America shop from apps and smartphones, it’s essential to offer a mobile-friendly service to appeal to younger buyers. The typical American will spend around $1,652 a year on retail therapy alone, meaning they’re spending just to cheer themselves up. If you don’t have mobile-user friendly Shopify e-commerce development, you might be missing out on thousands of dollars of sales from retail therapy alone.

Is it easy to navigate?

Some websites bombard their users with ads, coupons, and a flashy layout. Unfortunately, this might make your site look chintzy or difficult to navigate.

Fix this by making your content easy to find and offering your consumers a clear path to get from point A to point B. That means you must include product descriptions, utilize SEO on your child pages, and offer a clear layout to encourage consumer navigation. This might require a redesign over a complete rebuild, but you would definitely need to rely on an experienced website design company to improve your e-commerce websites.

Does the current look support your brand?

Marketing places a huge value on aesthetic appeal; if your website is outdated or doesn’t currently align with your business model, you need to redesign your site right away. While not every link on your site needs to do a flip when you hover over it, you do want to create an engaging experience for your customers.

A redesign might entail you fixing a few stock photos, updating your mission statement, and changing the font. A rebuild is necessary when your business has changed or you feel the need to start from scratch.

Keep in mind that rebuilding relies primarily on the website’s functionality while the revision relies on simple modifications. When you want to improve your company’s website and digital marketing, contact Bluesoft Design on our website today.

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