10 Signs That Your Website Was Made by a Novice Designer

If you are a business owner, you should be concerned about how your website looks to potential customers. You may have the best products or services in the world, but if people can’t find them on your site because it’s poorly designed, then what’s the point? This article will cover ten signs that a website was made by a novice designer and provide solutions for fixing these issues.

Why Paying For an Expert Designer Makes all the Difference

When you hire a novice designer, it’s unlikely they will have a deep understanding of your industry. Professional designers have already been through the learning process and understand what works best for specific businesses. Most importantly, they will help you avoid issues that would otherwise be unknown by novice designers. 

1. Your Site Doesn’t Have a Privacy Policy Page

One of the necessary things you need on a website is a privacy policy page. This lets your customers know what information you collect and how it’s used. If this type of page does not exist, the website was most likely created by a novice designer who didn’t think to add it.

Hiring responsive web design services with expert designers can help you avoid fundamental problems like this. To fix the issue of not having a privacy policy, simply create one or hire someone to make one for you! 

2. Your Site Has a Weak Mobile Design

In recent years, mobile browsing has been increasing exponentially. In fact, responsive design is now an essential part of any website that wants the best chance at success. Unfortunately, novice designers often neglect to learn the basic techniques of high-quality, responsive web design services and fail to make sites with responsive mobile layouts or designs.

If you want your website to be taken seriously, it needs to be usable on desktop and mobile devices. If your site isn’t responsive, it was probably made by a novice web design and development company who didn’t know any better.

3. Your Site Has Inconsistent Design

Hiring mediocre responsive web design services can lead to an inconsistent experience for your customers once they use the website. For example, if your website uses different fonts and colors in the header than it does on the side menus or product descriptions, this is a sign that you need some help from an expert web design and development team who know what they’re doing.

4. Your Site’s Fonts Are Difficult to Read

When it comes to responsive web design services, font is one of the essential elements. Sites with difficult-to-read fonts are unattractive and hard for customers to use. If you have a website where all the text looks faded or blurry, this was likely done by an inexperienced web design and development team. 

5. Your Site Lacks a Blog

website blog

Having either yourself or a freelance writer keep an active blog on your website is beneficial because it keeps you active and connected to customers. This type of content marketing will help increase sales by giving potential buyers a chance to get to know you better and showing them that your company is willing and eager to improve their lives in some way.

6. Your Site is Not Optimized for Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of using responsive web design services, plugins, resources, and other tools to improve your site’s search rankings. Sites that are not optimized will be ranked lower in Google and other websites because they won’t have the necessary keywords or data attached to them. If you want customers to find your website, it needs to be responsive and SEO optimized.

7. Google Says Your Site is Still Under Construction

If Google still says that your site is under construction, you need to hire an expert designer who knows what they’re doing. People won’t be able to find you or trust your business if this message continues to appear when signing up for Google Search Console, ads, and so on! 

Hiring professional, responsive web design services can help boost the overall quality of your site. They know how to create attractive, responsive websites that will turn visitors into customers!

8. Your Site’s Navigation is Difficult to Use

Navigation lies at the heart of responsive web design services. The way your navigation works will affect how customers can use your site and find what they need quickly & easily. If it takes them a long time or too many clicks, you probably have some work with responsive web design services.

The navigation should be designed in a responsive manner that is easy to use and understand for customers browsing on different devices. If it isn’t, then you have more significant problems than just a mediocre website! 

9. Your Site’s Loading Time is Slow

Responsive web design services that take a long time to load will not help your business or customers. Besides, nobody wants to wait for an unresponsive site and click away out of frustration! If you want people to continue using and engaging with your responsive website, it needs lighting-quick loading speeds.

10. Your Site Looks Outdated

Websites are an ever-changing process with many new responsive layouts, designs & features being developed all the time. If your website looks outdated or like it hasn’t been updated in months (or even years), then potential customers will probably move on to another responsive site that might offer something better.

Need Some Assistance Fixing Issues Such as These? 

website issues

Suppose you want to fix issues such as some of the problems mentioned above. In that case, you should consider hiring responsive web design services that know how to put together a website from start-to-finish, without running into rookie mistakes along the way. Contact us here at Bluesoft Design if you want to hire a top-tier web design and development company with reasonable rates. 


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