How to Get the Most out of SMM with an SEO Agency

When social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter first launched, there were few who saw immediately that these platforms could provide immeasurable value to the world of marketing. Social media platforms were great at connecting users even in their earliest stages, and as time went on they got more and more sophisticated. Users would soon be connecting over common interests and associations, and no more were social media platforms only about connecting with those you knew personally. In fact, marketers were now using the platforms to push products and services in innovative ways.

An SEO agency, one that knows the ins and outs of SMM, can be an invaluable asset to any business operating today. Across industries, businesses are using social media to connect with customers every day, and this is largely because businesses need to keep customers engaged and connected in order to retain relevancy. Below are seven ways in which an SEO company can help businesses stay popular and trendy with social media marketing:

Agencies Know How to Appeal to Many Audiencesan image of blocks on a target

The key to effective social media marketing is your audience. Businesses need to know who’s purchasing their products and services, but they need to know even more about their customers so they can better cater to their wants and needs. An experienced and effective SEO agency knows where your audience is and how they can be reached. They’ll use a plurality of popular social media platforms to put your offerings in front of those who are likely to purchase them, and they’ll generate organic buzz so valuable traffic gets steered in your direction.

Agencies Know How to Use Chatbots on Facebook

There are new trends and technologies released every day in the marketing industry, so it’s hard for even full-time marketers to keep up. One piece of innovative technology that’s changing the SMM game: Facebook Messenger bots. A study conducted by Oracle found that 80 percent of businesses are hoping to have chatbots incorporated by 2020, and this is largely because evidence which points to chatbots being the way of the future keeps coming out.

Not everyone, however, has both time and patience to figure out the intricacies of Facebook Messenger bots, and such is one reason why SEO agencies are so sought after today; an agency that’s up to speed with the bots will be able to get your marketing endeavors pushed through Facebook Messenger, the third most-popular application out today. Also, Messenger bots are great if you want to connect with existing and potential clients directly.

Agencies Are Great at Generating Buzz with Promotions and Giveaways

Most people enjoy free stuff. So when businesses distribute giveaways or offer promotions, individuals are inclined to spend money with them. SMM has transformed the giveaways and promotions process, and many businesses are using popular social media platforms to launch personal, unique, and affordable giveaway/promotion campaigns.

Here’s an example of a successful giveaway campaign: If your business specializes in web design, you could offer existing clients a free month of site maintenance. You could advertise this promotion on your company’s social media profiles to attract interest from two key audiences: existing customers who are interested in receiving the promotion and potential customers who see your company as one that values its clients.

Agencies Can Run a Hashtag Strategy on Instagraman image of a variation on Instagram’s logo

Instagram is a popular platform, one used by more than a billion users each month. The platform offers many valuable services to both individual users and business accounts, and their hashtag feature in particular is one which marketers have become quite fond of.

Executing what’s known as a “hashtag strategy” on Instagram is beneficial in many ways, the main two being that a hashtag strategy helps you reach targeted audiences and boost customer engagement. Of course executing an effective strategy on your own will take time, effort, money, and a good amount of trial and error, and this is largely why many businesses and entrepreneurs instead elect to work with an SEO company to execute a far-reaching and impactful hashtag strategy on Instagram.

Consider this: If you run an outdoors and sporting goods company, using hashtags like #hiking, #outdoors, and #nature is a good idea because it’s likely potential clients are viewing these hashtags on Instagram.

An Agency Can Maintain Your Solid Reputation

Growing a successful business is hard work; maintaining a solid reputation once you’ve achieved it is hard work too. An SEO agency will help you maintain a positive reputation across social media platforms, and they’ll make sure your brand is always positioned in the best possible light. The age of the Internet has made building and maintaining a solid reputation a never-ending and difficult endeavor; businesses must always know how they’re being perceived by the public, for the consequences of not knowing could be devastating.

Have your platforms and pages regularly updated and maintained, make sure written content is understandable and grammatically correct, ensure that all links both internal and external work, and make sure the website design elements are attractive and well organized.

An Agency Can Connect You with Influencers

Influencers are typically social media users that have garnered a large following. These users are valuable to businesses because they can promote products and services to large, diverse audiences. Also, influencers are particularly invaluable because their followings already view them as credible, and businesses can capitalize off this credibility to generate brand awareness and sales. While this marketing method seems totally lucrative, it’s one that has drawn scrutiny from governments and regulators who believe that the current influencer system undermines established advertisement law.

To get the most out of an influencer campaign while avoiding any infractions along the way, you should elect to work with an SEO company. These companies not only have valuable connections, but they employ marketing specialists who will make sure all your SMM endeavors are both effective and completely legal.

Agencies Know the Ins and Outs of Facebook Adsan image of a Facebook ad layout

Facebook, arguably the world’s most popular social media platform, is used by billions each month, which means advertising through Facebook is a lucrative business. Facebook ad strategies have been around for years now; some have stayed relevant while others have faded with time, and this reality underscores just how important Facebook advertising in itself truly is. Business owners and marketing professionals are constantly trying to improve the efficacy of their ads, and some even go as far as to scrutinize every character used; when it comes to Facebook ads, the details count.

Marketing agencies that specialize in Facebook ads are vital assets, and some agencies specifically do Facebook ads and nothing more. Although such agencies are often costly, the services and results they provide are usually worth the money. But you don’t need to break the bank to get a qualified agency on your team. Hire one that specializes in SMM, web design, and SEO marketing, among other things, to gain desired results without spending a ton.

How to Get in Touch with a First-Rate SEO Agency

If you’re looking for a top-tier agency, look no further than Bluesoft. We have been helping businesses achieve their SMM goals for years, and we know the ins and outs of a successful SMM campaign. Our SMM services will highlight what your business has to offer so buzz can be created through social media, boosting brand awareness and lead volume in no time. Get in touch with us today!

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