The Dos and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Nothing else changes as fast as digital marketing. What may have worked 2 years ago, won’t anymore. Search engines and social media are constantly changing their algorithms to become better and smarter at providing relevant search results for users.

This means that businesses need to stay at the top of their game if they want to stay relevant in their respective industries.

However, there are some things that remain unchanged. You can’t ignore digital marketing and you need to get it right. Here are certain dos and don’ts of digital marketing:

Do: Create A Blog

A blog on your business website is essential for your website to get better ranking in the search results.

The blog must be updated regularly with relevant keywords, which are rich with keywords that are relevant with to your products and services.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Some businesses get carried away with posting regular content on their website and start compromising on the quality of the blog posts that they are posting.

Search engines do not look at the number of blogs you have on your website, but are more concerned about the quality. Quality blogs that provide your customers with valuable information should be your top priority, and should never be compromised for the sake of regular posts.

Do: Get listed on Other Websites

Listing on other websites is a great way to spread your online presence. This includes local listings, review sites and eCommerce platforms.

The more websites you are listed on, the easier it is for your customers to find you.

Don’t Ignore Social Media Marketing

Whether you have a B2B or B2C model, don’t ignore social media marketing.

Social media provides incredibly advanced targeting options, which aren’t available with any other platform. This makes them perfect platform for connecting with the right customers and marketers.

Do Use Videos Marketing

Video marketing is becoming extremely popular in digital marketing today. 87% of businesses today are using videos for marketing online, and the ones that are doing that are experiencing 50% faster growth in their revenue than the ones who aren’t.

Social media users have incredibly short attention spans, which is why videos are the perfect way to grab their attention and promote your business.

Don’t neglect email marketing

Email marketing has been there for some time. However, this marketing tactic still has the highest ROI when compared to any other marketing channel.

Building an email list is also important for targeting customers interested in your products but haven’t bought anything yet.

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