7 Ways SEO Agencies Can Help With Facebook Marketing

It’s no secret that the popular social media platform Facebook has change the way marketing is conducted online. DMR says that 65 percent of those signed up on Facebook use the platform daily, and this large audience is what marketers are tirelessly trying to reach.

It’s essential to have a presence on Facebook, but establishing one can be difficult, especially in the preliminary stages. This is why SEO agencies exist. An experienced and reputed SEO agency will be able to help your business stand out from competitors online, and they can also help you reach the 1 billion people who use Facebook on a daily basis.

Below are seven strategies that’ll help you market successfully on Facebook. Follow these strategies, in conjunction with working with a reputable SEO company, to unlock your full potential on the Facebook platform.

  1. Target a Defined Audiencean image displaying an audience

On Facebook, audience targeting is very important. Through effective audience targeting, you can attract and grab specific audiences, driving traffic and boosting sales as a result. This article talks about 11 audiences that have been targeted on Facebook in the past to achieve success.

It’s also true that audience targeting on Facebook is very reliable, and this explains why more and more businesses and entrepreneurs are dedicating resources to analyzing how audience outreach affects customers’ buying habits. Specific audience targeting also helps with creating customer personas, and these personas are used to attract customers that are most likely to purchase the products and services being offered by a business.

A qualified SEO agency can help you target Facebook users, and they can also help you create an effective target customer persona. These agencies also employ analytic tools and resources so you know who to target and how to get the most bang for your buck. Just remember that a marketing strategy that’s too specific may miss out on valuable opportunities, so it’s best to start with a large audience and work your way down until you find a specific, narrowed-down target customer audience.

  1. Host a Contest to Boost Customer Engagement

You could also host a contest on Facebook—these are great for boosting customer engagement and acquiring new leads. If you’ve ever seen one of these Facebook contests in the past, you know that contest ad designs are what make these ads so special. In fact, specific web design principles are employed on these ads to make them attractive and to boost engagement with the contest. Running a contest on Facebook also doesn’t have to be a difficult and detailed operation.

You can simply ask your customers to submit photos of themselves with your products or using your services, and then select the best picture based on a predetermined criteria. If you want to host the best possible Facebook contest, you should have Facebook group members and current subscribers/customers decide contest winners. By hosting a contest in this way, you ensure the event is a community effort, one in which all participants feel involved.

  1. Use Geographic Targeting If You Have a Large Audiencean image of geographical targeting

Geographic targeting is especially important for businesses operating on Facebook with a large following. As a general rule, it’s good for North American businesses to mainly target the Eastern time zone (as opposed to Mountain time or Pacific time). But if you only focus on EST engagements, then it’s likely you’ll miss out on customers operating in other time zones. Don’t worry! This can be avoided, especially if you use geographic targeting. Geographic targeting will ensure you don’t miss customers in different time zones, but you must remember to delete duplicate posts after awhile so there’s not a lot of clutter on your page. This is consistent with the best website design principles.

  1. Always Keep Your Reputation in Mind While Using Facebook

Remember that maintaining a positive reputation on social media is of vital importance. Experienced SEO agencies will be able to help you with establishing online credibility, and they’ll also be able to make sure you’re good image is maintained. Customers that do frequent shopping on social media platforms put a lot of stock in businesses’ reputations, and this is why it’s imperative to ensure your business’s reputation is on the positive side of the digital marketplace. You cannot wait until something goes bad to find out just how severe of a hit your online credibility can take. Hire an SEO company to help you stay at the top of your industry’s credibility list.

  1. Keep Headlines and Body Texts Short

Did you know that the five-word headline on a Facebook ad has been standard for close to four years now? Research shows this! Ad text, on the other hand, has increased over the past several years, from 14 being standard in 2015 to 19 being standard in 2018.

It’s plain to see that marketers have become more reliant on ad text, and this in itself is not a bad thing. Don’t be fooled though—it’s quite easy to mess up 19 words. Proper spelling and grammar is essential, but so is a casual tone: conversational speaking is what sells on Facebook, which should come as no surprise considering the site is predicated on social interaction.

If you hire an SEO company to manage all your ad headlines and body texts, you’ll never have to worry about producing content that’s not optimized for Facebook. SEO agencies know how to keep things short, sweet, and to the point, and their skills with web design also help when it comes to generating high-quality Facebook ads.

  1. Keep Descriptions Concisean image of a dart on a bulls eye

In 2015, the average link description on Facebook was 18 words. To nobody’s surprise, that standard has since fallen, and today the 13-word link description is common. If you’re a business operating on Facebook, your link descriptions should be bringing something new to the table, specifically because they’re the last thing viewers see before being navigated away. If your link description is virtually a restatement of your ad text, there’s a good chance this redundancy will keep viewers from clicking your link. An SEO agency will help you create concise links, ensuring customers don’t get overwhelmed by the content.

  1. Always Speak to the Customer Using ‘You’

Certain words really resonate with people on Facebook, but none resonate more than the word you. How often were you told not to use I, me, or you while writing in school? I suspect a handful of times, at least. Take comfort in knowing that, on Facebook, the word you is one of the most valued words on the platform. Users scrolling down their timelines see a plurality of posts, most of which are from friends or pages they’re subscribed too—the last thing they want is that conversational mood to be interrupted by a blatant, unapologetic ad.

Who to Hire for First-Rate Facebook Marketing Services

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