4 Top E-Commerce Web Design Trends to Watch in 2019

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Each year, the average U.S. consumer spends around $1,800 on e-commerce sites, and online shopping isn’t expected to phase out anytime soon. That’s why companies selling products online are scrambling to design the best looking, most user-friendly e-commerce sites on the internet. It’s a competitive business, and web design plays an integral role in keeping those shopping carts full. Let’s take a look at a few trends web design agency professionals are keeping an eye on in 2019.

White Space

This design style isn’t brand new, but it’s been gaining momentum in recent years. More and more websites are losing the clutter and opting for a cleaner look. Minimalism is the name of the game in 2019. Open, empty backgrounds with just a few images and spread out text keep the viewers focused on the important stuff. This design clears a path to the “Add to cart” button.


Social media has led the charge on the transition from still images to video content. And few trends are more valuable to online sellers. According to Forbes, 64% of viewers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. And Neil Patel has said that product videos can increase purchases by 144%. This does seem logical since videos give consumers a look at the product from multiple angles and can also demonstrate how the product is used.


Micro-interactions are subtle features that aid usability and user experience. A great example is a hover animation: when the user’s cursor hovers over an image, the picture changes in some small way, letting the user know exactly where they are on the page; this might also indicate that the image is a link that will send them to a page with more info. Ultimately, micro-interactions improve the flow of navigation through a website.

The Long Scroll

This term refers to a phenomenon that is revolutionizing mobile browsing. Rather than click through pages and sit through long loading times, users can scroll vertically on their mobile device to see products load on one fluid page. With the long scroll, a shopper can effortlessly view 50 to 100 products before being required to load a new page.

The more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly your e-commerce site is, the longer you will keep shoppers occupied on the site. Not sure where to start? Contact the NJ website design company online retailers trust — Bluesoft Design. 

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