Why Mobile Optimization is a Must for your Website?

During the last decade, mobile has slowly crept into our lives and now they are everywhere. You can’t part a person with their smartphone now, and therefore, when it comes to marketing and promoting your company or brand, you need to pay attention to making sure you have optimized your website for the smartphone users. Here are a few reasons why mobile optimization is essential for your website.

Smartphone Usage Statistics

Bluesoft-Why is Mobile Optimization Important

As you already know, everyone owns a smartphone these days; at least the people who you want to target with your marketing campaigns. Not only do they own a phone, but also they constantly interact with it. From checking the time to managing businesses, smartphones are connected to every aspect of our lives. Therefore, if you do not optimize your websites for the mobile audience, it’s as if you’re closing out your brand promotions to the larger crowd of your audience.

Statistics also show that mobile web browsing has surpassed desktop web browsing. By 2014 smartphone web browsers were said to include 51% of overall web users. With many different sized devices such as phones and tablets, people surf for information everyday as they travel and go about their work. You need to be reachable when your audience is trying to reach you and, for that, having your website be responsive is a must.

Smartphone User Behavior

Bluesoft-Why is Mobile Optimization Important

It is interesting to notice how people behave differently when they browse using their smartphones rather than their desktops or laptops. Even with limited bandwidth, mobile users are far more active than the desktop users in interacting with multimedia and responding to advertisements on mobile. Most of the mobile users browse the Internet without a specific aim and, therefore, impulse buying is more frequent with them than desktop users. If you have your website optimized to mobile, it is more likely that a visit will convert into a sale rather than merely having a desktop website and a mobile website with a bad user interface and experience.

If you competitors have their websites optimized for mobile and you are still hesitating to do that, they are probably getting more sales and new customers than you do. One of the major features of the Internet is the variety of choice it gives to the users. Therefore, if you do not provide what users expect from you, they will simply move to another website that is optimized and provides a great user experience. If you have not optimized your website already, now is the time to do it!