10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Designer

In this era of the information age, building and designing a site is a cakewalk. Anyone can make a website from scratch with just little or no effort these days thanks to the “magic toolbox” that is the website builder. But there are things a web designer can do that you can’t.

So the question is, should you hire a professional or just go the DIY way? This question can be confusing especially for people with small website needs. Before making a decision, here are ten reasons to hire a designer over trying to do it yourself.

1. Flexibility

Compared to a website builder, a creative and professional designer has greater flexibility. They can easily implement matching solutions for your website’s growth using industry standard technologies. At the same time, making effective suggestions (and necessary tweaks) on your website that aptly fit your businesses specific needs.

2. Profound Expertise

The technical expertise that a designer puts into a website is incredible. You may have superior, feature-packed web development software, but creating rich web design that has an excellent web presence is not easy. Hence, you need a website designer.

3. Saves Time

Designing a website is no easy feat. It’s detail-oriented and, above all, requires a lot of time and resources. By hiring a web designer, you save precious time that you can put into good use – if not help you focus on other things.

4. Integrated Marketing

If you subscribe to the “design it, and they’ll come” maxim, you’re certainly doing things the wrong way. Building and designing a website requires the expertise of a designer whom will help integrate viable marketing techniques, such as generating leads and targeted traffic.

5. Improved Aesthetics

Creating a custom marketing presence to a website is tedious and daunting if you’re inexperienced. Luckily, a professional web designer can easily integrate a coherent web design with promotional elements that can boost your web presence online.

6. Cost Effective

While doing it yourself may look cheaper an option it will cost you more to design a website than hiring a pro to do it for you. Why? You don’t have the necessary skill set and experience to deal with common web design problems such as transferring a site from one server to another. You will be limited features-wise and waste precious time – and isn’t time money?

7. Better Budgeting and Cost Control

A professional website designer often works within a given budget. This helps you manage the cost of the overall design project. They (the designer) can even suggest ways to help cut costs for better budgeting.

8. Bespoke Content Management Solutions

Since a web designer is flexible, he/she can easily offer alternative solutions to help better manage web-based content like say low-cost ongoing site management and cheaper third party bespoke solutions. Content Management Solution helps you to easily add content to a site.

9. Reliable

Unlike a web builder, a website designer is dependable. You can bank on their expertise as well as their flexible services when a problem arises. The same cannot be said for a web builder.

10. Responsive To Immediate Needs

You may create design your website, but it’s difficult to keep up with all your needs as your website’s traffic grows. That’s when a great web designer will come in handy. You can ask them for features that are otherwise hard to come by on a website builder. Features you’ll need: a robust image gallery, fancy navigation, a user poll, image slider, etc.