The Benefits

Start Selling Online With An E-Commerce Website

With physical storefronts closing left and right, its no wonder e-commerce websites are the way of the future. With an e-commerce website, you go beyond the limitations of a regular storefront and open up yourself to the rest of the world. A digital storefront allows you to:

  • ­Open your store to customers all over the world.
  • ­Easily manage your business from Shopify’s simple-to-use back-end.
  • ­Save money by eliminating the need for a physical storefront

Bluesoft Design is here to be your partner and get you up and running with your own online store. We will setup your e-commerce store, upload & format your products and make sure that your online store is running like a well-oiled machine. At Bluesoft Design, we take care of the technical stuff so you can focus on the stuff that matters, your business.

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The Platform

e-Commerce & Shopify

If you are new to the e-commerce world, we’d like to introduce you to Shopify. Shopify is an online platform that we use to build e-commerce websites. Our team of professional Shopify website designers and developers have been building websites on the platform for over 5 years and we are certified Shopify Experts. Shopify is very robust and allows us to customize websites in so many different ways.

Shopify websites include very user-friendly back-end with no coding experience required. Shopify provides tons of different tools, options and perks to manage all parts of your online store at the click of a button. With Shopify being a platform exclusively dedicated to e-commerce stores, the websites built on their platform are blazing fast and geared specifically toward online business owners.

The Features

Custom Shopping Cart
Order Management
Calculated Shipping
Custom Discount Codes
Secure Checkout
Custom Payment Gateway
Custom Product Options
Customer Management
Product Category Setup
Wholesale Services
Customer Wishlists
Organized Store Reports

The Process

Below is our simple five step strategy that we use to ensure that we design the perfect website every time.

1. Strategy

Our process begins with a conversation. We start by discussing your industry, your business and your relationship with your clients. At this stage, our goal is to define what makes your business unique and establish what sets you apart from the rest.

Armed with this information, We then develop a design strategy to create a website that targets and captivates your ideal clients. We focus on designing websites that are appealing to the eye and built for conversion-based results.

2. Design

At this stage, we start taking the essence of your business together with all the information we gathered in the strategy phase and start translating that into a concrete design. Our talented graphic designers begin piecing together your custom design into a pdf so that you can see what your website will look like once its created. Your mock-ups will show you all the layouts and images we will use to make up the structure of your website.

Once the design is finalized, we move on to the content creation stage.

3. Content

Now that we have the design and layout of your website completed, its time to move on to content creation. At this stage in the project, we begin establishing the message that you are communicating to visitors of your site. Our fantastic experienced content creators take all the information you’ve provided for us and begin creating the written content for each page.

This would be the stage where we begin formatting your products. Our content creators create eye-catching and informative product listings from your product sheet as we prepare for the development phase of the project.

4. Build

At this stage in the project, its time to take the design of the site and turn it into the final product. Your website will be built using either WordPress or Shopify, depending on the type of website you’ve requested. Our web developers code the website from the ground up using a variety of different coding languages and development tools. We make sure that your site is built for speed, function and visual appeal.

Once the development of the site has been completed, its time to prepare for launch.

5. Launch

Its time to review the final product one last time before launch. Once the website has been approved, we now take the necessary steps to launch the site. At this stage, we connect your chosen domain name to the website, add any SSL certificate to the site and make any final necessary adjustments to the site. If you choose to host with us, your website will be live within an hour of approval. If you are hosting your own site, we will take care of the transfer process so that your website will be transferred to your hosting account.