How Bluesoft Design helped grow Giorgio Bergamo

Giorgio Bergamo is an online jewelry retailers based in Brooklyn, New York.


  • Giorgio Bergamo


  • Jewelry

Services Offered

  • Web Design
  • Google Ads
  • Site Maintenance


Giorgio Bergamo is an online jewelry retailer based in Brooklyn, New York. Starting up mid 2019, Giorgio Bergamo quickly got themselves established on different 3rd party marketplaces. They began on Amazon and quickly grew to be a top seller in their category.
As the sales continued, they branched out into different marketplaces. Giorgio Bergamo was performing very well with Amazon being their most profitable marketplace but they were worried about complications with Amazon and decided to put a contingency plan in place. After reaching out to us, Giorgio Bergamo launched their own website and began advertising using our Google Ads services.


The main challenge that Giorgio Bergamo faced is that they were new in the industry and had not yet established their brand name. Our main challenge was diverting as much traffic from Amazon buyers looking for their products and sending them to Giorgio Bergamo’s new online store.


After getting the Giorgio Bergamo website setup, we immediately launched a hyper-targeted marketing campaign to divert Amazon traffic to the main storefront. To do this, we did the following:

  • Setup a Google Shopping campaign
  • Setup a re-marketing campaign
  • Setup geo-targeted ads to target best-selling regions


June, 2019 – May, 2020

  • 26.5k
    in overall traffic
  • 500+
    on-site transaction
  • $100k+
    in sales
  • <60%
    bounce rate

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